About Us

Agra Development Foundation (ADF) is a Charitable Trust registered under the Indian Trust Act vide registered Trust Deed dt. March 30, 2012 with the primary objective of helping the development of Agra as a modern city with (i) sensitivity to historical, religious, cultural and social heritage of the region and (ii) concern for needs for promoting tourism, industrial infrastructure, development consistent with the environmental constraints, traditional crafts and existing industrial base.

ADF is dedicated to achieve this objective through advocacy of relevant cause with the concerned government and other social, cultural, business and tourism related organizations, authorities and court of law, in the following areas:

  • To work for preservation of places and monuments of historical and religious significance of Agra and the region.
  • To work for the all round development, promotion of tourism in the city of Agra and near by areas,
  • To help create industrial infrastructure for sunrise and non polluting environment friendly industries preferably based on the concept of state developed industrial parks.
  • To help create an educational hub facilitating availability of human resources with necessary competencies and vocational skills commensurate with the needs of both traditional and modern industrial infrastructure.
  • To promote measures necessary to create civic amenities like sanitation, public transport, clean drinking water health services, traffic control infrastructure, and security systems comparable with the best in the country.
  • To promote development of culture sensitive to the needs of diversified mix of people from around the globe who visit the city as tourists and carry with them the image of India based on their exposure to a limited cross section of people.
  • To help create a social and cultural ambience capable of providing a wholesome experience to the visitors to the city in terms of their interface with individuals and groups which truly represent the Indian ethos.
  • To advocate setting up of Special Economic Zones and IT parks to foster development of IT industries appropriate to the knowledge economy.
  • To work for conserving the environment so that AGRA is recognised as a world class city.
  • To undertake projects as may be assigned/obtained by any agency, authority, or to help in designing, its implementation, execution of projects for accomplishing the objects of the trust as mentioned herein in this deed.

ADF has been granted registration under S. 12AA of the Income-tax Act, 1961 vide order dt. 15.2.2013 vide File No. CIT-II/Agra/Technical/12AA/ 2012-13/194/19.

ADF, since it coming into existence, is striving to achieve its objectives by representing the Ministers and bureaucrats time to time. Such meetings included with the Prime Minister and Civil Aviation Minister and also with the Industrial and Infrastructure Development Commissioner besides meetings with the Divisional Commissioner and the District Magistrate. A large number of representations with relevant facts and figures have also been sent by ADF to the various ministries. We believe that we need to present our cause more scientifically and systematically.

We ardently hope that our cohesive and persistent efforts would make a difference in the present scenario of Agra.