Shri K.C. Jain


Born on October 13, 1954, KC Jain is a law graduate (1977) and a Post Graduate in Economics (1991). He had an impressive academic career. He was the Secretary of the English study circle of DEI, Dayalbagh, Agra (1973) and also the President of Hindi Mahasabha of the College (1973). He was editor of the college magazine. He got merit scholarship for 4 years (1968-69 to 1971-72)


He was enrolled as an Advocate with the Bar Council of UP (1979) and has an expertise regarding the civil laws, particularly, the Land Acquisition Laws, Urban Land Ceiling Law, RTI Act, Consumer Protection Act, Stamp & Registration Laws, Urban Planning & Development Laws and other allied laws. He frequently puts in his appearances in the Supreme Court, Allahabad High Court and District Court of Agra. His assistance to the Bench was appreciated by the High Court in its decisions.


He has got special interest in writing on legal, social and environmental issues. More than 100 articles written on legal subjects have been so far published in the leading Law Journals of the country including Supreme Court Cases (SCC). He is also an RTI activist and strongly believes that the tool of RTI Act can go along way to bring transparency in the actions of the State and its instrumentality, thereby, to an extent, curb corruption.

His compilation of the articles published on various general subjects has been e-published as “Anvarat Chintan“. The compilation of the satires written by him and published in newspapers has also been e-published as “Bura Na Maano“.


He appeared twice before the Parliamentary Committee, New Delhi, in the year 1998 and 2008. His first appearance was with reference to the suggestions given by him regarding the proposed legislation on the Urban Land (Ceiling & Regulation) Repeal Bill, 1998 and the second appearance was with reference to suggestion on the Land Acquisition (Amendment) Bill, 1997. Many of his suggestions to the Committees were accepted in the recommendations made by them to the Lok Sabha. He also drafted a number of private member Bills, which were moved by the then MP of Agra, Late Shri Bhagwan Shanker Rawat. Recently, also, a private member Bill for establishment of High Court Bench has been drafted by him, which has been moved by the present MP, Dr. Ramshanker Katheria. A large number of Parliamentary questions has also been drafted by him.

Scores of his suggestions found place in the newly enacted UP Apartment Act, 2010 and its Rules and Byelaws, framed in the year 2011.


He also holds office in several organizations. He is a coordinator of Gyanodaya Sansthan, a registered charitable trust, dedicated for imparting quality education and values to the younger generation. Presently, he is also the Secretary of the Agra Development Foundation, a trust constituted for all round development of Agra. He has also been the President of Agra City REDCO. He was also appointed as a member of the State Committee of the Institutional Finance Department of UP Government vide order dt. 30.4.2010. He remains actively associated with various social and development activities of Agra.

He was also a member of the delegation, which met the Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh twice on 5.5.2010 and 30.8.2011 and raised several issues relating to Agra. He was also a member of the delegation, which met the President of India on 26.7.2010. He has also met several Secretaries of the Government of India to represent the cause of Agra.

He has also led many delegations to meet to District and Divisional Officers of Agra and has indepth knowledge of various issues relating to development of the city.


He has also got keen interest in photography and social activities. He ardently craves to put his more time for the social and religious pursuits. He has travelled to several religious destinations of the country. He wishes to become a true ‘Jain’ in his thought, speech and conduct.