Shri K.N. Khanna, Romsons

KhannaName: Kishore Narain Khanna

Designation: Managing Director

Qualifications: BSC, LLB, workshops at FICCI, AIMED, Denmark, USA, SPJIMR
Current Professional Activities : Managing Director overlooking the complete management of the group

Experience & work responsibilities : Rich experience of 45 years in the medical device industry and more than 20 years in serving the community.

Mr Kishore Narain Khanna is one of the most sought after businessman with a strong commitment to serving the society. He happens to be the Vice President of Agra Charitable Eye Centre. Being a firm believer of Corporate Social Responsibility, Mr Khanna is the founder and Secretary of Romsons Charitable Society which is focused on serving the needy with their day to day requirements. He is an active member and integral part of the management committee of National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Mr Khanna is also an important stakeholder in the medical device industry; as a result he is the founder member of AIMED, which is the most influential committee in the medical device industry.
He has progressed through series of awards and recognition for all the hard work put in by him over the years and exceling in business. He has been awarded with Presidential Award for Innovative Achievement in Medical Devices. He has been awarded by the Government of Uttar Pradesh for Quality Management Practices in Business and also received the Udyog Ratan honour in Agra.
Workwise, Mr Khanna is responsible for the brand “ROMSONS”. He has an insatiable appetite for success and innovation which has led to the cultivation of the brand “Romsons” as an eminent player in the healthcare sector, serving millions of patients worldwide with quality oriented products.
In the early 70s, at the age of 20 he was the youngest member to join the family business of disposable medical devices and started his career with various odd jobs such as working long hours on manually operated moulding machines and assembly of products. In the process he learned how much hard work it took to establish an identity. At the age of 30, he took over the business and brought all kinds of technical changes, process up gradations and mastered the art of innovative manufacturing.
His research and educational leadership brought him great laurels and prestigious awards in 1990s, and continues to do so till date (2012). While the world is going flat, he is already on the lead with his quest
for product improvement and continuous research and development activities. Ranging from product manufacturing techniques, to product design concepts, from developing new products and making modifications to existing products, he was the epitome of it all.
He had travelled across the globe in search of business and learned the dynamics of international business. As a result today Romsons is one of the most pre-eminent brands in the business and he wants to further make Romsons a multinational giant with its operations across the globe.