Nagina Masjid


(C.1635 A.D.)

Hindi Version

[Not a valid template]It is a private mosque built entirely of white marble, by the Mughal King Shahjehan, C. 1635, for use by the ladies of the Harem with court on its three sides it is open and airy though it has been adequately enclosed for Purdah. It is two-aisles deep with a three-arched facade. Piers have been used to support the cusped arches, the central one being larger than the sides ones. The Chhajja protecting the facade is curved in the middle above the central arch and so is the parapet.

Three bulbous domes, crowned by lotuspetals and Kalash-Finials, constitute the superstructure: The central one is higher than the side domes.

[Not a valid template]The Bangladar feature : The circular curve of the Chhajja and parapet, gives prominence to the nave and the elevation and this is its distinctive characteristic. Both ceilings of the nave are also triangular Bangladar. A miniature water-tank with cascade is provided in the eastern wall, for ablution (Wuzu). Of the private Harem mosques of Shahjehan, this beautiful Masjid is excelled only by its younger sister : The Moti-Masjid, Red Fort, Delhi (C. 1658-59).